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I am an LA based creative with a focus on writing, conceptualizing, and producing experiential events and stories. My goal for every piece of work I have my hands on - be it a live event, poem, deck, or short film - is to ensure that my audience feels seen and held. I don't ever take for granted the impact that storytelling and immersive art can have on a persons life and for that reason I invest an incredible amount of research and intentionality into each element of a project. My creative execution is grounded in years of cultivated knowledge working in production operations across various departments and leading specialized teams to a singular goal. I take pride in an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and inspiring change in the world by integrating this virtue into my work. Over the years I have been fortunate to align with clients who value societal and environmental impact as much as an elevated production and storytelling experience which in turn has inspired me to look forward to connecting with more movers and shakers who are also on this wave. Cheers to imagination and impact. :)

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